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Dongyang Chemical is constantly developing technology and innovation,
By nurturing human resources, will always be a company with customers.

Based on the thorough corporate philosophy of faithfulness and sincerity for 22 years since its founding in January 1997
It has continued to grow despite rapid changes and trials, and utilizing the experience accumulated for 22 years
We are actively and promptly responding to customer needs.​

Beyond the initial simple distribution and sales, it is now
with various countries including Japan and China. While building a cooperative network, we set up our own laboratory
It has developed into a manufacturing industry that produces about 500 kinds of reagents.

In addition, special equipment for pre-cleaning treatment of raw materials for semiconductors
Manufactured with our own patented technology and secured nano-analysis technology by introducing analysis machines such as ICP and GC,
Equipped with precision reagent manufacturing technology and quality assurance system.

As a result of these efforts, we exported to leading domestic companies and China
We are constantly developing it.​

Manufacturing products desired by customers in the future, securing quality beyond desired levels,
Perfect environmental management, compliance with safety and health standards, establishment of healthy labor-management relations, etc.
We will grow into an excellent company that meets the requirements of the times.​

Thank you.

  • Company name: Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • CEO: An Dong-soo
  • Business registration number: 350-81-53925

  • ADDRESS: Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd., 60-21, Daehwa-ro 32beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon

  • TEL: +82 42-624-7040~1
  • FAX: +82 42-624-7042

  • EMAIL:
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