Experimental Equipments

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About Experiments product

A company that produces and manufactures precision chemical products such as semiconductors by professionally manufacturing ULTRA CLEAN DRAFT (UCD, Fume_hood for high cleanliness experiment), acid resistance fume_hood, built-in fume scrubber and quartz products (Quartz Hotplate, Beaker, Sub_Boiler). To supply.

In particular, UCD and Quartz Hot_Plate have acquired a number of domestic technology patents and are exporting to

Using various materials such as PP, PVC, PVDF, PE, PC, etc., UCD and hood, uninterrupted work table, sink table, etc. are manufactured in various ways for general laboratory and clean room experiment equipment, and are exported overseas. UCD products We manufacture and sell PTFE (Teflon) base HEPA and ULPA filters necessary for our products.

  • Company name: Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • CEO: An Dong-soo
  • Business registration number: 350-81-53925

  • ADDRESS: Dongyang Chemical Co., Ltd., 60-21, Daehwa-ro 32beon-gil, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon

  • TEL: +82 42-624-7040~1
  • FAX: +82 42-624-7042

  • EMAIL: dychem@dychem.co.kr
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